A core group from Montreal is seeking to develop a 40-unit cohousing project in the city of Montreal that will become a usable, functional model reshaping how people can live in an urban environment.  The common vision for this project is one of sustainable living through environmental, social, economic and cultural practices.


To take part in global social change through, sustainable, ecological, resilient, autonomous and equitable urban living.


To build and promote cohousing :

  • Develop sustainable and ecological building projects within a context of urban community ;
  • Establish local-scale social and commercial partnerships ;
  • Produce an accessible reference model.

We are looking for a site…

We are looking for a site that :

  • Is at least 2000 m2 ;
  • Can be built on or has an existing building that is suitable for this project ;
  • Has zoning that will permit 5-storey construction ;
  • Has easy access to a metro station and public transportation;
  • Has easy access to services and amenities.

We are looking for a development partner…

We are currently looking for a partner with expertise in the construction of buildings of this size.  The development partner would share our core values regarding environmental sustainability and should have a thorough understanding of sustainable construction practices.