Primary components

  • Environmentally, economically, socially and culturally sustainable
  • As low or negative a footprint as is economically feasible
  • Approximately 40 residential units
  • Mixed Use
  • Affordable
  • Multi-Generational
  • Bilingual (English – French)
  • Well served by public transit


Our preliminary vision is to create a sustainable cohousing project that can ultimately become a template for urban living around the world.  We are applying the values and the synergy of permaculture to solve the practical aspects of the project, our governance and decision-making model is based on sociocracy, and our interpersonal relations are guided by the techniques of non-violent communication.  We value the importance of co-creating this project with input from every participant.


Building a strong and vibrant community is a core objective.  It is important for us to be active participants in building this community.  Creating community includes an uplifting building design and use of space, multi-generational residents, shared spaces for our common enjoyment, participatory decision-making, social links with neighbouring community groups, economic links with local service providers, educational links with local schools and ties with local and regional food producers.  We are confident that this co-housing project will have a positive impact on the environment, on our quality of life, on the communities around us and that it will be economically sound for its residents and its stakeholders.

Preliminary Guidelines

  •     To be located in a popular corner of the city near green areas and with nearby access to a Metro station
  •     Construction and/or renovation of the building will respect sustainability principles
    • Be a model of a sustainable habitat in the city
    •         Area to grow food indoors and outdoors
    •         Eco-efficient and human-friendly design
    •         High quality of indoor comfort
    •     Residents of the cohousing project are to be owners of their units and co-owners of the shared spaces
    •         Units may be available for rent
  • Space will be available for business and commercial use on the first floors of the building
  •        Possibility of having a shared working space, depending on the amount of space available
  •     Common spaces will include a kitchen, a multipurpose room, a laundry facility, a small workshop for tools and shared equipment and two rooms available on reservation for visitors.
  •         Possibility of a second multipurpose room, a children’s space and a sauna-spa
  •     The organizational structure must allow for participatory, group decisions that are in the interest of all participants and of the project’s success.
  •     By definition, these Preliminary Guidelines must be shared by all stakeholders ; all stakeholders are partners toward and responsible for achieving them.